images (1)Nigeria has so many wonderful surprises for tourists. Nigerians are known for their kindness and willingness to make their guests feel very welcome. Unfortunately, there is a tendency for the media to overstate issues in the society and use that as an excuse to discourage travel which is unfortunate because to visit Nigeria and meet its African conscious and enlightened people is to experience the beauty of a very wonderful people. If you ever wanted to travel to Africa for a wonderful spiritual experience, this is a trip you would want to take!

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COLORNigeria is a very colorful place where the beauty of the culture can be dazzling. Sadly colonialism continues to play a role in the destruction of many Nigerian rare cultural edifices and customs. NWALOTA Pilgrimage is working to preserve many Igbo Nigerian cultural treasures by show casing them to the world for the future spiritual and cultural posterity.
The sights and sounds of Nigeria makes Nigeria a very fascinating place to visit.

And the brothers? My, my! You never know who you might meet! Join us for an experience of a lifetime!

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Women dance during the yearly Lagos carnival parade, on April 1, 2013. This years Easter festival coincides with Lagos’ yearly carnival . AFPPHOTO/PIUS UTOMI EKPEI (Photo credit should read PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP/Getty Images)

From The Huffington Post:  LAGOS, Nigeria — In Nigeria’s biggest city, a Monday morning typically sees bumper-to-bumper traffic as people struggle through heat and exhaust fumes to get to work. This Monday, however, the roads were not filled with cars, but with people celebrating the Lagos Carnival. Dancers in colorful costumes resembling those of Brazil’s Carnival shimmied and shook their way through the streets. This year, Lagos’ state government said the festival would commemorate the region’s historical ties with Brazil. Portuguese explorers once came to the region and Brazilian-style homes can still be seen in the city’s older neighborhoods.The curious lined up to watch and take mobile phone pictures, some ogling the women dressed in bikini-styled outfits. Tuesday, though, the streets will again jam with traffic. Here are more Associated Press photographs of this year’s festivities in Lagos.

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Thisafrican girl Journey is to rediscover ourselves spiritually. Frankly, we have no problems with other religions. They are all products of cultural mythology designed to help their people to adhere to their specified processes for human interaction. Our issue is the malignment of our own mythology. I find that our people waste time arguing over which African religion and its mythological content is authentic and which one is not. This is where we get stuck and we fail to see the wisdom and spiritual value in the diverse ones and consequently uphold none.

We devalue various concepts because it did not originate from this village or that clan. Worse, African philosophical concepts which are not centered around a holy messiah and holy land (as if God created the world and later decided that only one speck of land and its inhabitants are of value and from whence all mythology must be invoked), have been effectively dismantled and relegated to the backwoods of religious discussion. They are called “other, animism, and other classifications designed not to edify and unenlightening.

Sadly, we focus on none of our spiritual insights, understanding little and instead justify the glorification of the Abrahamic religions and vilifying cultural visionaries. Spiritually, we have become an unremarkable people, wrapped up in the mechanics of research without the application of its content. We have become appeasers and enablers, justifying the dismantling of our cultural wisdom, REFUSING to elevate it to 21st century standards to accommodate the times.

We truly applaud all people striving to hold on to their traditional spirituality while still embracing globalization. We are one people under the parenthood of one God, but we cannot all be John! Spiritual originality can coexist with global brotherhood and sisterhood because it is what gives us our human identity and foundation for demonstrating our humanity toward other people. It is not supposed to create spiritual apartheid but to enable diversity in spiritual thought and the promotion of cultural pride.
It is amazing that there is so much talk about diversity as far as race, but the exclusion of African spiritual thought. Mind you, Africans are now the ones promoting cultural genocide.

N.W.A.L.O.T.A project is designed to enlighten and edify the Africans that Diasporan Africans want to reconnect with. The pomp and consequence will be genuine and based on the spirit of the people not the glare of financial gain. Though the acronym means “ Nigeria welcomes Africans Living Outside The Ani (Land), spelled out in Igbo it means “Children come home…home to the spirit of Mother!

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igbo landReligious affiliation in Nigeria is strongly related to ethnicity, with rather distinct regional divisions between ethnic groups. The northern states, dominated by the Hausa and Fulani groups, are predominantly Muslim while the southern ethnic groups have a large number of Christians. In the southwest, there is no predominant religion. The Yoruba tribe, which is the majority ethnic group in the southwest, practice Christianity, Muslim, and/or the traditional Yoruba religion, which centers on the belief in one supreme god and several lesser deities.

In the east, about 40% are Christian and about 10% practice traditional African religions or no religion at all. Also known as Godianism, Chiism is a synthesis of African traditional spirituality of direct communication with God without passing through any medium. There are many who practice this philosophy (please visit for more details).

Our goal is to take  people to these parts of Nigeria and introduce them to the Chiist culture and see their spiritual values of Biri Ka M Biri (live and let live) as their way of promoting spiritual balance and well-being.

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